Friday, June 13, 2014

Crib Eviction

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Garrett's One Year Pics

We are so lucky to have one amazingly talented photographer as a friend! Watching her work is so amazing! We had her do Garrett's pictures right after he turned 1 and I will let her work speak for itself. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One Year: Garrett

No that is not a typo. Little man is a big bad one year old! I can hardly believe it.

At 12 months...

Weight: 21 lbs 15 oz (55%)
Height: 31.25 in (95%)
Head: 19.25 in (99%)

  • Wears size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothes mostly (can still fit in some 9-12 month).
  • Drinks whole milk now and is quickly swearing off the bottle on his own. He's doing better with the sippy cup, just not great enough to get enough fluids in so we're keeping up with the bottle until then.
  • Done with baby food and with us feeding him for the most part. He will let me feed him yogurt and oatmeal, but not much else. He likes bread, diced fruit and veggies, and meat. If he doesn't like how it feels on his hands he throws it off the high chair. His favorite thing is definitely pizza. 
  • Crawls like a mad man and is super fast. Pulls up on everything and has even stood on his own for a little bit. Not ready for him to be a walker yet so I'm not pushing the issue.
  • Sleeps pretty good at night but still has a couple nights a week where he wakes up in the early morning and has a tough time falling back to sleep. Other nights he's out for 11-12 hours solid.
  • Naps are all over the place. Some days he takes 2 just great with no problems. Others he decides he doesn't want to take the afternoon nap and fights it and pushes it really late resulting in a later bedtime. We've tried the one nap and he ends up sleeping for 45 minutes.
  • He's been sick 3 times since January 1st. The latest he had a cold and the stomach bug simultaneously. The first time was awful and he had a double ear infection and a double eye infection. Praying the weather will quit the dramatic shifts in temperature.
  • Now has 7 (almost 8) chompers. 
  • Constantly babbling.
  • Shakes his head when he either doesn't want something or he knows he shouldn't be doing something (but still does it anyways).
  • Obsessed with balls. Loves to play catch.
  • Still my binky baby. He loves to throw them behind the crib before falling asleep.
  • His hair is getting long and laying down in front now but continues to stick up in the back. He's definitely due for his first haircut.
  • Loves to bug his sister, but also loves to go up to her and lay his head in her lap.
  • Went through a bad biting phase when he was cutting all those teeth. He still will bite my shoulder or my pants sometimes, but it's definitely subsided thank goodness. He also did a number on our crib so thankfully my parents sent us some crib protectors to avoid any further beaver damage.
  • Clapping more and more.
  • Will "dance" to music on his play table.
  • Doesn't like to be left alone in a room, but is fine as long as Karlee is in there. 
  • Loves the swings at the park.
  • Loves to go on walks. He just lays back and chills the whole time.
  • Loves being in the tub and playing with his basketball toy.

Love this little guy so much and so happy he's in our family!

Here are some pics from the last 2 months since I didn't get an 11 month post up.

They love each other.

Mmmm. Blueberries!

It's hard to keep anything out of this boy's reach. He's super tall!

Loving his new ride he got for his birthday.

This is the face of a boy who thoroughly enjoyed his dinner.

Poor sick baby!

Loves to do the head tilt.

Loved the trampoline park.

Eating sand on the beach.

He hated the fireworks we did on New Year's Eve.